How to make icing sugar in Thermomix?

Granulated – Caster – Icing sugar Same thing right? Just how thin it is…. Not really! Icing sugar contains cornflour that helps keep your powdered sugar dry as you store it, which means it prevents the powdered sugar from clumping and caking. Most store-bought powdered sugars contain cornstarch as well because of its anti-caking properties! Not anymore when in 10 secs, you can convert your granulated or caster sugar into icing sugar. Whatever amount you need, 10 secs, speed 10. Done ✅ Knowing exactly what you put into your body as well and only having one type of sugar in your cupboards. In fact this recipe is low in artificial sugar. I will share recipe tomorrow as they are 👌🏻 #thermomix #tm6 #sugarawarenessweek #glucose

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