Bubur Pulut Hitam | Black Glutinous Rice Dessert using Thermomix| TM6

Bubur Pulut Hitam The weather was too cold earlier this morning. So I made myself a warm bowl of Bubur Pulut Hitam (Black glutinous rice dessert). Effortlessly done because Thermomix keeps the temperature constant and did the stirring for me. Recipe as follows: Wash 200gm black glutinous rice till water runs clear and soak overnight. —————————–

Add 1300ml of water and 2 pandan leaves into the mixing bowl. Add in the soaked glutinous rice

Place the varoma tray on top. ⚪60mins /100°/reverse speed spoon

When it’s 40mins into the cooking, add 80gm of rock sugar.

And ta-da! It’s done. Serve hot with coconut cream drizzled on top. Coconut cream: 1/2cup of coconut milk 1/4 tsp salt

⚪5 mins/100°/reverse speed spoon. Want to get a Thermomix too? DM me now! #thermomixadvisor


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